La trufa es una seta, el cuerpo fructífero de un hongo. Tiene la particularidad de que se cría enterrada en el suelo, normalmente entre 5 y 20 cm de profundidad.


Our origins date back more than 50 years in which we have devoted ourselves to the old-style recollection of truffles throughout Ribagorza Region´s Mountains at the heart of Catalonia and Aragon´s Pyrenees.


Contact us and enjoy the best fresh black truffle, freshly picked by our dogs. 24-48 hours you can enjoy it on your table.

Defining the truffle “only as” the most exquisite element in gastronomy does not reflect all the significance and all the feelings that truffles bring back to those of us who have always lived among them. The truffle is not only a passion that moves you, excites you, gives you strength, above all, the truffle is a way of life.