Sale of fresh truffle

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You will enjoy the best fresh black truffle of the market, recently recollected with the help of our dogs. National markets delivery time is 24-48 hours, and for international markets is 48-72 hours.

Guided tours


Becausewe love truffles, we want end the mystique and secrecy that has always surrounded them, to share the world of truffles, and to show how our dogs search for them with anyone interested. We will be happy to share it with anyone who wants to know first-hand the world of truffles and accompany us to an exploration with our dogs. We will then spend one day in the countryside, and will be able to have a look at our techniques, craftsmanship and dog work, as they locate and unearth truffles.

Technical advice and management of plantations


We offer you all our accumulated knowledge to successfully commence your truffle-growing project (we offer comprehensive advice, which goes from learning how to choose the appropriate land, to take care of the pre-production and post-production care phases: soil analysis, tree selection, care, maintenance, irrigation , etc …)