Some people think that the truffle is good because it is expensive, but it’s actually the opposite: the truffle is expensive because is good.

 “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

 A sophisticated elaboration is not needed in order to taste and enjoy a black truffle. It is very easy to cook. In fact, the best way to appreciate it’s on its own, sliced or grated, with olive oil and salt. Spread it generously on bread!

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Another way to fully appreciate its aroma is to spread it directly on a slice of toasted bread fresh out of the oven. You can also grate or slice it up.  The heat helps extract the maximum aroma, so it is important to cook it with a hot pan. Add olive oil and salt liberally and enjoy!


Truffles match perfectly with pasta, cheese, meat and fish. It is important to add them at the end of cooking in order to keep all their flavour and aroma. Overcooking truffles will destroy them, but if you add them to an already prepared dish, the heat will boost and enhance all of its aroma and flavour.

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A type of food that combines very well with truffles is eggs. We can ‘truffle’ eggs by putting them in an airtight container along with truffles. The eggshell is a porous matter which allows the flavour of the truffle to penetrate inside the egg. We must leave them a minimum of 24 hours in contact with the truffles and we will have “truffled eggs”!


A simple, classic and special dish is “truffled fried eggs”. A very little amount of truffle is needed, and we want to emphasize that the eggs must have been previously “truffled” a minimum of 24 hours by being in contact with the truffles.

They can also be prepared in a French omelette or with boiled eggs.

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The only limit to cooking black truffles is your imagination, so here are some recommendations courtesy of restaurant Apicius in Valencia:


Fowl egg at low temperature with potato, bacon Iberian acorn and tuber melanosporum.


Our hare terrine with truffle royale


Hake cram Cantabrian with truffled chicken and truffle


Maresme peas, sausage, scallops and cod tuber melanosporum